CAPA Forum: Dr York's FAQ

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


While preparing for our latest National CAPA Forum on the 19 April 2018, we’ve been in touch with CAPA co-creator Dr Ann York. Ann gave us insight into her experience and recent international discussions on the CAPA model.

“One of the most common questions I’m asked in multiple global contexts is ‘How do I, or we, ‘let go’?’” said Dr York. Ann identified that it can be a daunting step to ‘let go’ of clients if we have been used to relying on traditional practices of engagement, intervention and transition that we have learnt over time and felt we can trust.

“The CAPA model aims to put people at the heart of everything we do” Ann continued. “the majority of people in the sector would agree this is an aim we share. Many ICAMHS practices, however intentionally or not, can result in  hierarchical structures of information exchange that lose the opportunity to utilise team skill strengths and the experience  service users bring to collaborative care. This can result in losing the chance to bring the best out of people, whether a service provider or servicer user.”


Ann finished, “So, when it comes to ‘letting go’, I suggest practitioners work towards not seeing it as ‘letting go’- instead I suggest practitioners see it as ‘letting others in’. The research has shown when service users feel included in decision making processes, they are able to create a therapeutic alliance with services that improves effectiveness and service satisfaction.”


Our 2018 CAPA Forum is coming up on the 19 April in Wellington, and still has some limited spaces available for both current and new CAPA Service model practitioners, and those interested. Click here to read more.



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